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(and Program Shift)

Develop your creative skills by setting your computer's control dial to P

Program or “P” mode is similar to your camera’s automatic mode because it will automatically set a proper exposure value for your shot.  But using Program mode is different than shooting fully automatic because it gives you control over the critical creative settings while the camera makes sure your exposure is correct.

Every DSLR, mirrorless and advanced compact camera has a “P” mode.

In this mode you can set ISO, light metering pattern, focus pattern and points and flash settings, so it is far from totally automatic.    But crucially, in this mode, you also have complete control over your aperture and shutter speed which are you main creative controls.

Program mode will help you learn how to use different creative settings without having to worry about exposure. The camera's computer will take care of that for you.

Program mode is quick and reliable. I have shot whole weddings with my camera set to P  without any problems.

In this mode, while you can let the camera take care of exposure, you can take control of aperture and shutter settings using something called Program Shift.

Program Shift

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