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Selecting Lens Aperture

The two most important settings that allow you to adjust your camera for correct exposure are found on the control dial.

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Setting the dial to  Av (Aperture Value)  allows you to adjust the aperture of the lens. 

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For correct exposure there is a direct relationship between the aperture and shutter speed and as you alter one the camera will automatically adjust the other to give you what it considers the be the correct exposure for the picture.

Whatever value you select for your aperture in Av mode, the camera will ensure that your picture is correctly exposed by selecting an appropriate shutter speed for you. 

Why use Av mode?

Av mode allows you to control depth of focus.

A small aperture  (big number.. f8, f16, f22, etc.)  will give you a greater depth of focus, meaning more of your subject will be in focus. This is useful if you want everything  - foreground and  background of your subject - to be in focus.

A large aperture (small number...f1.4, f2, f2.8, f4, etc.) will give you a narrow depth of field and less of your subject will be in focus, typically enabling you to blur the background of a portrait for example.

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shots using a large aperture

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